Friday, May 29, 2009

G's secret word on mission 2

Hey there! Chewma here. If your having problem figuring out G's secret word on the second mission, his word is "mogul". doesn't make much sence, but there you have it. Bye for now! Chewma.

how to play hockey (or soccer) on CPS (Club Penguin Stadium)

Chewma here! if your a new penguin, here's a tip. You wanna play hockey or soccer? No problem! just walk up to the puck (or soccer ball), and you'll be passing it, and before you know it, GOAL! not much, but exiting, Check back for more! From,

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whats my name?

here is a secret to my name, c e m H W A, if you said Chewma, your right! Chewma's the name, Crazy's my game. check back for more, Chewma!

Rockhopper Island?

Yes penguins! its Rockhopper Island! here is the ULTIMATE CHEAT to get there! at the last second when he's at club penguin, 3... 2... 1... MIDNIGHT! run on his ship before midnight of the last night he's at club penguin! hide somewhere and make sure he doesn't see you and end up like Bambadee! (Check out what happend to Bambadee in "Rockhopper and the Stowaway" in the book room) He will want to make you his crewmate and take you to his island, then ask him where you sleep, he might have a secret house in his woods (Just a guess! I'm not EXACTLY sure) so try it, the next time he's leaving is (unknown). thats all for now! good-bye for now

Chrisgod98's sweet site

Hello penguins! This is an extra post for penguins that love funny stuff and other secrets, here is the address.

just copy and paste and your in his awesome website! goodbye for now!

Mission 1 secret

Having trouble with the first mission? Here's a secret to getting there. Talk to Aunt Arctic, then go to the hockey rink and pick up the pictures, then bring them back to Aunt Arctic. She will say you are on the right track, next talk to Gary (codename: G). and he will ask you how many socks he owns. Go to the pet shop, click the note on the doghouse. Translate the message, it will say "G owns ____ socks a year" then say the answer to G. he will give you a life preserver shooter thing-a-ma-jig. Go to the ice burg (Its the big chunk of ice on the map) rescue the penguins that are stranded, but make sure you check the wind. they will thank you. go to the ski mountain help the penguin fix his telescope with your wrench spy tool, then he will allow you to look through it. Then look at the tallest mountain, you will see one of Aunt Arctics puffles. Go back to the ski shop, get the climbing hook, go to the tallest mountain on the map, then look up and use the climbing hook on it. You will see the green puffle, then it will take you to the purple one. you will automatically go back to Aunt Arctics igloo. You have finished the mission! check back for more secrets!

Starting easy club penguin secrets

Hello fellow viewers! If your a fan of Club penguin, this is the site for you. First, is the area glitch. When your walking toward a door (or entrance to different area), you can click mail as your waddling. And you can trick your friends! check out each day for more posts and secrets. See you later fellow penguins!

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