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The Adventure of Chewma and the Lost Treasures: part 8: The Long Journey

Chewma knew they had to use some transportation. Then he thought of something: the tugboat. So, When the Club Penguin clock tower stuck 12:00 they gathered everything and Rico. They took the Tugboat to Rockhopper island. Chewma drove while Salyer fed Rico. Then Salyer spotted something, something with torches... The Tramian Tribes were behind them!! Chewma sped up as fast as he could. Then they saw a patch of land, Chewma sped on the water until they crashed into the island. The Tramian's threw their torches on the sand, Chewma and Salyer ran as fast as they could. They both saw the Migrator, they creaked the storage door open. they sneaked down into the ship hold. They heard the Tramians open the ship holds door, Chewma, Salyer and Rico all pulled open as many Cream Soda barrels as they could. They opened the door to the Quarter's and saw a shiny, silver crystal. They spotted the Crystal of Kings. They grabbed it, and jumped out the porthole. They ran back to the tugboat, pulled it back into the water and went back home.


Chewma is at the town (not really exiting)

Chewma at the town!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Notifying me

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The Adventure of Chewma and the Lost Treasures: part 7 The Tools

Chewma and Salyer went to ask Gary if they could have his Super Magnet and Crystal locater. but when they went to the first dressing room in the sport shop, there wasn't a door. Chewma knew there was a door there once, but he never knew he couldn't get in. Then he thought of a secret passage way there. He now knew that he has to enter a secret pass code. first, he put the spy phone on the secret scanner, and the door opened. He put his spy phone on the new gadget room scanner G built. That door opened too. They asked G if they could have the Super Magnet and Crystal locater. G said "I just finished them, So knock yourselves out." So they used the Locater first, It said the nearest Crystal was on an island, but club Penguin was an island. But then Chewma and Salyer thought of a crazy idea. Could it be Rockhopper Island?


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101 days of fun calendar

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Chrisdog93 is awesome!

DID YOU KNOW, Chrisdog93 found in October 2006? and he discovered club penguin in

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Hide and seek glitches

Having trouble playing hide and seek with your friends? Well, the best places to hide are PSA headquarters, EPF Command room and the Ninja Hideout. it will just say "_____ is hiding", or "_____ is in hiding" try it! it will be a whole lot easier.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Adventure of Chewma and the Lost Treasures part 6: The Quest Begins

When Chewma, Rico and Slayer caught up with each other, they talked about how Chewma was attacked and what the note said. "Then we look for the treasures" announced Salyer. So they started their quest. First was the Crystal of Kings, Chewma, Rico and Slayer searched all over Club Penguin, they searched the lighthouse, the stage and even the pet shop and pizza parlor! There was one last choice: to ask Gary the Gadget guy Only one problem, Gary is working on his new project: Snow Trekker the Second. It is able to anything, but that's what Chewma and Salyer were worried about. It wasn't finished and that's the only super magnet Club Penguin has!


The Adventure of Chewma and the Lost Treasures: chapter 5 The Flood

Chewma swam away from the pool and to a green door. when he yanked it open, the boiler room was flooded too, he swam to the ladder and gripped his flippers onto the bars and climbed up to the night club. Chewma threw a smoke bomb into the Night Club to warn everyone, and it did warn everyone. Soon the whole Night Club was flooded and the masked penguin was still chasing Chewma. Soon agents started to notice the flood coming from inside the Night Club. The agents knew not to open the door, they looked for another way to the night club. The agents used the manhole Chewma fell through to get to the night club instead of going through the door. they had to use their super-secret extra scuba gear that G gave them. when they got to the night club they found Chewma and the masked penguin fighting. After the masked penguin was tooken to HQ for questioning, Chewma found something in his pocket. it said "Traimian Tribes Treasures: Stone Puffle: Pot of the Ancients: Crystal of Kings. These treasures equal a mega exilar." Chewma couldn't read the rest of the note, but he did find a bit of yellow sand in his pocket too. Chewma now knew that the masked penguin was from the Traimian Tribes. He had a clue to his quest. The adventure had just begun.

This scene takes part in the boiler room, night club and cove

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Adventure of Chewma and the Lost Treasures: part 4 The Construction Breaks Down

As the masked penguin was coming towards Chewma, he thought of an idea. Chewma ran up to him, dodged a sucker punch given by the masked penguin, and grabbed his mask, and threw him out the damged window (that guarded the room from water). The masked penguin was furious! Chewma felt as if he were to lose, but he did something smart. Chewma ran to the window that was damaged, grabbed his hammer (that he usually used to crack rocks), and swung the hammer at the window, and broke he entire window. He ran over to the next, broke that one too, the last one was harder to do. he couldn't do it with only the hammer. Chewma , without thinking about it, grabbed his blow torch, sprayed it on the window, and then whacked it with the hammer. Not only did it break... it blew up! Chewma dove under the water that flooded the room. Not only was Chewma safe, but also was the masked penguin. It was an underwater battle.
This scene takes place in the underground pool.


The Adventure of Chewma and the Lost Treasures: part 3 The Masked Penguin

When chewma was about to leave the cave, a dark shadow came from the tunnel ahead him, Chewma couldn't see the face of the penguin. The masked penguin was wearing an orange tiki mask, a green tunic and a green hooded cloak. The masked penguin started walking toward Chewma. Chewma didn't know what to do. He was stuck in the cave with nowhere else to go.

This scene takes part in the underground pool


The Adventure of Chewma and the Lost Treasure: part 2 The Unusual Ruins

Chewma had fallen down a deep hole. When he hit the ground he heard a splash. When Chewma awoke he had fallen in a pool of water. He heard a voice, "Are you okay boy?" said the voice. Chewma looked at the penguin who was saying it. It was Aunt Arctic (the newspaper writer)! Aunt arctic helped Chewma up. Aunt Arctic looked at her watch. "Oh my!" said aunt Arctic. "I need to write another Article!" Chewma was on his own. Chewma wondered why only Aunt Arctic was down there. But the only thing Chewma was worried about was getting back to the top of the ground! But then Chewma noticed that Rico wasn't on his shoulder! Then Chewma noticed ancient stones, Chewma was now worried about a lot of things. What else could go wrong?

CHECK BACK FOR PART 3 This scene takes part in the underground pool

The Adventure of Chewma and the Lost Treasures: part 1 The Tragic Begining

Once lived an explorer named Chewma. He lived with his friendly bird Rico (Rico was a tropical bird). They lived in a tree fort in a beautiful forest, they loved to go explore with their friends. But one day as Chewma, Rico and Salyer (Chewma's childhood friend) were going to go to a play called "Fairy Fables", something terrible, but amazing happend to Chewma.

This story takes place at the adventure party.

The adventure of Chewma and the lost treasures: introduction

Hello penguins! i've been thinking about making a story about chewma and the lost treasures for a while, andthe next post is gonna be part 1. So keep checking the blog!

Rating: in-y7-fv Genre: Action/Adventure

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chewma with plant interviews

Club Penguin has released the newspaper, and there’s some pretty cool stuff inside. Those huge plants Rockhopper brought have caused a lot of talk around Club Penguin lately. On June 12th, the Adventure party will start! The newspaper said it would be good to grow plants on that day.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

rockhopper servers

Hello penguins! If you're having trouble finding Rockhopper, He is usually on Down Under. Good-bye for now! Chewma

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