Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Adventure of Chewma and the Lost Treasures part 9: The Ninja

One night as Chewma and Salyer were asleep at base, the Super Magnet began to shake. "Whats with all the racket?" said Salyer. "I think it's looking for something!" said Chewma. And they set off for another journey. As they reached the Dojo, the Super Magnet stopped. "Whats wrong with the magnet?" said Salyer. "I don't know." replied Chewma. Out of the windy night stood a Dark Ninja. "What is that thing?!?!" yelled Salyer. "Silence!!' said the ninja. "What do we do?" said Salyer. "We fight it" suggested Chewma. "ARE YOU CRAZY?!" screamed Salyer. "Look out!" Salyer ducked and the ninja missed a kick. "Take this!" said Salyer. Salyer punched the ninja from the backside and the ninja fell to the ground and passed out. "Well done." said a familiar voice. "Sensei!" said Chewma and Salyer at the same time. "You have exellent reflexes and strength, I am proud to award the Pot of the Ancients." said Sensei. Chewma and Salyer had 2 treasures with one left. Will they find the most powerful treasure before the Tramian Tribes?

Check back for the final chapter!

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