Friday, July 24, 2009

The adventure of Chewma and the Lost Treasures part 10: Tuku Mar

The next morning Chewma and Salyer along with Rico, Set off on foot for the Stone Puffle. "Legend is, is that a Stone puffle had been seen at the snow forts!" announced Salyer. "We have to get there before the Tramian Tribes do!" said Chewma. So, when they got there they saw a big, stone puffle that seemed like the ones at the dojo. "hmm..." sighed Chewma. "Something doesn't seem right" said Salyer. "YOU!!" said a voice. "Us?" said Salyer. "Not you! The one with the pigeon!" said a Tramian. "Never call Rico a pigeon!!!" ordered Salyer. "We have your note!" said Salyer. "Forget you. My name is Tuku Mar, leader of the Tramian Tribes." Chewma and Salyer fought Tuku Mar for seconds, but then it hit them. "Salyer! Fight off the Tramian while i collect the stone puffle!" said Chewma. Salyer let off a sucker punch and Tuku Mar fell to the ground. "oww." moaned Tuku Mar. "I got it!" said Chewma. When the three Treasures gathered, they started glowing. After they stopped glowing, a big vial of green water formed in the vial. Chewma and Salyer rushed over to HQ and got it tested. "You may drink it." said an agent. Chewma and Salyer each took a sip. "I feel much better from fighting off that Tramian assasain from underground." said Chewma. "And I feel better from fighting off Tuku Whats-his-name." said Salyer.
And Club Penguin was in safe hands again.


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