Monday, June 22, 2009

The Adventure of Chewma and the Lost Treasures: part 8: The Long Journey

Chewma knew they had to use some transportation. Then he thought of something: the tugboat. So, When the Club Penguin clock tower stuck 12:00 they gathered everything and Rico. They took the Tugboat to Rockhopper island. Chewma drove while Salyer fed Rico. Then Salyer spotted something, something with torches... The Tramian Tribes were behind them!! Chewma sped up as fast as he could. Then they saw a patch of land, Chewma sped on the water until they crashed into the island. The Tramian's threw their torches on the sand, Chewma and Salyer ran as fast as they could. They both saw the Migrator, they creaked the storage door open. they sneaked down into the ship hold. They heard the Tramians open the ship holds door, Chewma, Salyer and Rico all pulled open as many Cream Soda barrels as they could. They opened the door to the Quarter's and saw a shiny, silver crystal. They spotted the Crystal of Kings. They grabbed it, and jumped out the porthole. They ran back to the tugboat, pulled it back into the water and went back home.


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