Friday, June 12, 2009

The Adventure of Chewma and the Lost Treasure: part 2 The Unusual Ruins

Chewma had fallen down a deep hole. When he hit the ground he heard a splash. When Chewma awoke he had fallen in a pool of water. He heard a voice, "Are you okay boy?" said the voice. Chewma looked at the penguin who was saying it. It was Aunt Arctic (the newspaper writer)! Aunt arctic helped Chewma up. Aunt Arctic looked at her watch. "Oh my!" said aunt Arctic. "I need to write another Article!" Chewma was on his own. Chewma wondered why only Aunt Arctic was down there. But the only thing Chewma was worried about was getting back to the top of the ground! But then Chewma noticed that Rico wasn't on his shoulder! Then Chewma noticed ancient stones, Chewma was now worried about a lot of things. What else could go wrong?

CHECK BACK FOR PART 3 This scene takes part in the underground pool

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