Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Adventure of Chewma and the Lost Treasures part 6: The Quest Begins

When Chewma, Rico and Slayer caught up with each other, they talked about how Chewma was attacked and what the note said. "Then we look for the treasures" announced Salyer. So they started their quest. First was the Crystal of Kings, Chewma, Rico and Slayer searched all over Club Penguin, they searched the lighthouse, the stage and even the pet shop and pizza parlor! There was one last choice: to ask Gary the Gadget guy Only one problem, Gary is working on his new project: Snow Trekker the Second. It is able to anything, but that's what Chewma and Salyer were worried about. It wasn't finished and that's the only super magnet Club Penguin has!


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