Friday, June 12, 2009

The Adventure of Chewma and the Lost Treasures: part 4 The Construction Breaks Down

As the masked penguin was coming towards Chewma, he thought of an idea. Chewma ran up to him, dodged a sucker punch given by the masked penguin, and grabbed his mask, and threw him out the damged window (that guarded the room from water). The masked penguin was furious! Chewma felt as if he were to lose, but he did something smart. Chewma ran to the window that was damaged, grabbed his hammer (that he usually used to crack rocks), and swung the hammer at the window, and broke he entire window. He ran over to the next, broke that one too, the last one was harder to do. he couldn't do it with only the hammer. Chewma , without thinking about it, grabbed his blow torch, sprayed it on the window, and then whacked it with the hammer. Not only did it break... it blew up! Chewma dove under the water that flooded the room. Not only was Chewma safe, but also was the masked penguin. It was an underwater battle.
This scene takes place in the underground pool.


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