Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Adventure of Chewma and the Lost Treasures: part 7 The Tools

Chewma and Salyer went to ask Gary if they could have his Super Magnet and Crystal locater. but when they went to the first dressing room in the sport shop, there wasn't a door. Chewma knew there was a door there once, but he never knew he couldn't get in. Then he thought of a secret passage way there. He now knew that he has to enter a secret pass code. first, he put the spy phone on the secret scanner, and the door opened. He put his spy phone on the new gadget room scanner G built. That door opened too. They asked G if they could have the Super Magnet and Crystal locater. G said "I just finished them, So knock yourselves out." So they used the Locater first, It said the nearest Crystal was on an island, but club Penguin was an island. But then Chewma and Salyer thought of a crazy idea. Could it be Rockhopper Island?


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